Plans for 2018-19

Capitalism swims like a shark. And upon the shark’s fin an exciting prospect is dancing: commons-based peer production. 

This is the prospect we’ve been trying to understand for the last decade. In the next two years, we aim to ground our ideas for a commons transition on stronger empirical evidence.

The main questions we’ll try to answer, which make for four different projects, follow: 

  • First, the Phygital project seeks to understand how globally designed products could change how we work, produce and consume as well as to study the sustainability potential of a commons-based mode of production. 
  • Second, Transvestment attempts to figure out how commoners can become economically sustainable.
  • Third, Wikiart explores whether a theatrical play or a piece of music, inspired by the social design of Wikipedia, could be developed as a digital commons.
  • Fourth, the Deschooling project sets out to investigate how commons-based peer production could change our educational system(s).

The P2P lab is sustained on a modest budget and is financially sustainable till September 2019. Thus, in parallel with our research endeavours we will be working towards successful research funding. Of course, we are constantly on the look-out for co-operation on interesting projects and will gladly provide our services in a pro-bono manner if the output is a commons.