Plans for 2018-22

Capitalism swims like a shark. And upon the shark’s fin, an exciting prospect is dancing: commons-based peer production. 

This is the prospect we’ve been trying to understand for the last decade. In the next five years, we aim to ground our ideas for a commons transition on stronger empirical evidence.

The main questions we’ll try to answer, which make for four different projects, follow: 

  • First, the DGML (design global, manufacture local) project seeks to advance our understanding of how to create an economy based on locally sustainable communities that are digitally interconnected
  • Second, Transvestment attempts to figure out how commoners can become economically sustainable.
  • Third, Wikiart explores whether a theatrical play or a piece of music, inspired by the social design of Wikipedia, could be developed as a digital commons.
  • Fourth, the Deschooling project sets out to investigate how commons-based peer production could change our educational system(s).

The P2P lab is financially sustainable till December 2022. Most of our funding comes from a European Research Council Starting Grant (2019-22). We are constantly on the look-out for co-operation on interesting projects and will gladly provide our services in a pro-bono manner if the output is a commons.