A list of 15 selected scholarly articles and books (for pop essays see here):

  • Are the most influential websites peer-produced or price-incentivized? [site] [text]
  • Peer to peer: The commons manifesto [text]
  • From private to public governance: The case for reconfiguring energy systems as a commons [site] [text]
  • The convergence of digital commons with local manufacturing from a degrowth perspective: Two illustrative cases. [site] [text]
  • Blockchain and value systems in the sharing economy: The illustrative case of Backfeed. [site] [text]
  • Digital economy and the rise of open cooperativism: The case of the Enspiral network. [site] [text]
  • Open source agriculture: Grassroots technology in the digital era. [site]
  • Making (in) the smart city: The emergence of makerspaces. [site] [text]
  • From creative destruction to convivial innovation. [site] [text]
  • Network society and future scenarios for a collaborative economy. [site] [text]
  • Towards a political ecology of the digital economy: Socio-environmental implications of two competing value models. [site] [text]
  • The (a)political economy of bitcoin. [site]
  • Open source 3d printing as a means of learning: An educational experiment in two high schools in Greece. [site] [text]
  • Energy governance as a commons [site] [text]