Ecotourism, education and 3d printing

Eco-museum Zagori


Summary: In line with the “3Ducation project” (2013) which was a three-month project implemented in two high schools of Ioannina city (Greece), we establish our cooperation with the Social Cooperative Enterprise “Ecomuseum Zagori” through an educational Erasmus+ summer program. Through a one month stay, students from Portugal will be trained on binding together ecotourism and distributed collaboration in information technologies.

Following the emerging commons-based peer production approach, we will utilize the technological capabilities of 3D printing and design. These technologies will be used in the educational process both as a means of learning and communication between students and for promoting ecotourism for impaired eyesight persons. The aim of the project will be to collaboratively create 3D replications of environmental and/or cultural monuments, which are situated in mild ecotourism trails of the (Zagori) region.

Project Number: 2015-1-PT01-KA102-012700

Participants: Ecomuseum Zagori, P2P Lab

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