Aegean resistance net

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Summary: The current project is designed jointly by the P2P Lab and the Nomads of the Sea and will take place in May of 2016. During a half a month sailing trip, a crew of eight activists and researchers will visit five selected Greek islands for one week each. Two types of workshops will be realized in each island: a workshop on facilitation techniques and a workshop on commons-related concepts and practices.

The educational content and delivery method for each workshop will be adjusted to two types of trainee audiences: active political groups and the general population. The workshop on facilitation techniques will first enable groups to generate a proper interior atmosphere so that they can later address effectively their own objectives. Interdisciplinary tools will be provided, such as communication dynamics and decision-making strategies. The final goal is the empowerment of individuals and groups, by raising awareness and offering practical knowledge.

The workshop on the commons will restore the memory of collective natural resources management (natural commons) and cultural creation (knowledge commons); connect them with current vivid examples; demonstrate the necessity of resistance against the enclosures of the commons; and propose novel models for effective collective management of common-pool resources. Finally, the workshop will shed light on the emergence of digital commons and peer production, and, thus, highlight their potential to empower community-driven forms of value creation.

Participants: Association Lakabe, P2P Lab, Nomads of the Sea, Simalassoc