The emergence of urban makerspaces


Full title: “Making (in) the smart city: The emergence of makerspaces”, co-authored by Vasilis Niaros, Vasilis Kostakis & Wolfgang Drechsler.

Summary: The criticism on the smart city is used as a starting point to highlight the promises of makerspaces, that is to say, those emerging urban sites that promote sharing practices; exercise community-based forms of governance; and utilize localized manufacturing technologies. A bird’s-eye-view of the history of makerspaces is provided tracing their roots back to the hacker movement. Drawing from secondary sources, their community-building, learning and innovation potential is tentatively discussed. Makerspaces, this paper argues, could serve as hubs and vehicles for citizen-driven transformation and, thus, play a key part in a more inclusive, participatory and commons-oriented vision of the smart city.

This is also part of P2P Lab’s 2016-2019 strategic project.

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