Open design & manufacturing


Full title: “A knowledge Alliance between HEIs, makers and manufacturers to boost Open Design & Manufacturing in Europe“.

Summary: Open Design and Manufacturing (OD&M) is an ERASMUS+ project which develops an Alliance between Higher Education Institution (HEIs), traditional manufacturers and innovation communities of digital-savvy makers, in order to set up a trust-based framework able to generate knowledge and capacity conducive to:

  • HEIs – the increased capacity to prepare the next generation of designers and manufacturers, following approaches inspired by the maker movement;
  • Traditional manufacturers – the increased awareness of the innovation potential rooted in Open Manufacturing for greater sustainability and competitiveness, and new partnerships and collaborations with HEIs and innovation communities;
  • Makers and Open manufacturing enterprises – the reinforcement and further development of their identity as a sector able to offer new jobs and entrepreneurship.

To achieve such goals, OD&M will focus on the construction, piloting, evaluation and uptake of a capacity-building programme that would allow the 3 actors to engage in the process, to operate with mutual benefit, and to generate knowledge and capacity to fully embed Open Manufacturing in the triangle.

Coordinator: Vasilis Niaros

More details on the OD&M project are available here.

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