Ongoing projects

The P2P Lab is working on the following projects:

  1. “Cosmolocalism” – A European Research Council project (site)
  2. “Reflow” – An H2020 project (site)
  3. “Open Design and Manufacturing” – An Erasmus+ project (site)
  4. “Distributed Design Market Platform” – A Creative Europe project (site)
  5. “Phygital” – An Interreg Balkan-Mediterranean project (site)
  6. “Tzoumakers” – A Rural Community Makerspace (site)
  7. “TheOtherSchool” – A video science popularization project (site)

The P2P Lab designs and implements projects using participatory and community-based methods and practices. We forward research and knowledge through the creation of spaces for creative resistance and commons-based alternatives.