Transvestment: Value and cooperation in the digital commons economy

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Transvestment describes the transfer of value from capitalism to the commons. Thus transvestment strategies aim to help commoners become financially and socially sustainable and autonomous. This project includes:

  1. a research article/case study on the blockchain-based start-up, Backfeed (published);
  2. a research article/case study on the Enspiral Network (published);
  3. a chapter in T. Scholz’s and N. Schneider’s collective book on platform cooperativism (published);
  4. a report for the Heinrich Böll Foundation on value in commons-based peer production (published);
  5. a report for the European Trade Union Institute (published);
  6. the commons-oriented start-up, Bitmind (stalled since 2016); 

Coordinator: Alex Pazaitis.