The P2P Lab has extended its impact beyond academia by involving practitioners, nonprofits, open-source startups, social cooperatives, local authorities, and the general public.

TheOtherSchool is our flagship science communication project.

Moreover, here’s a list of 10+1 selected essays in popular online media:

  • New technologies won’t reduce scarcity, but here’s something that might. (en)
  • Utopia is now. (en)
  • How to reclaim our lives and livelihoods in common. (en)
  • Peer-to-peer production and the partner state. (en) (es)
  • Design global, manufacture local: A new industrial revolution? (en) (sr) (gr)
  • Can blockchain be controlled? (en)
  • Co-operativism in the digital era or how to form a global counter-economy. (en) (es) (fr)
  • From the communism of capital to capital for the commons. (en) (gr) (fi)
  • Peer-to-peer: A new opportunity for the left. (en) (it) (gr) (pt)
  • Beyond bitcoin. (en) (gr)
  • The materiality of the immaterial (exhibition essay at the BKC, Harvard; source files)